When you think of Central Park, the first things that come to your imagination are likely massive crowds of people and warm sunshine. New Jersey-based photographer Michael Massaia, however, abides up late at night to make sure he captures the opinions of the iconic ballpark that few ever witness, and his results are positively haunting.

Back in 2007, Massaia developed a serious speciman of insomnia. “I sometimes go across long periods of time where I can’t sleep … I would go for long walks…” he told ND Magazine. But rather than seeking remedy or regiman, he decided to do something productive with his coherent after-hours; he began photographing the deserted countrysides he came across in sizable format, exerting the dawn’s faint ray as his only igniting. Living near the Big Apple, his saunters eventually passed him to Central Park, which he filmed countless times between 2008 and 2014.

“The park appears to go through a period of metamorphosis during those late darknes/ early morning hours, ” he wrote on his official website. “And I was determined to capture it.” Taken on black and white cinema, Massaia’s photos indeed show Central Park like most of the world has never seen before – empty, isolating, and strange. Scroll down to see each bone-chilling shot and its point in the park.

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