Samsung’s “dynamic stretchable AMOLED display.”
Image: samsung

You can always count on Samsung to display you a glimpse of the future.

Samsung Display unveiled the world’s first stretchable touchscreen display at the Society for Information Display( SID) in Los Angeles this week, and it’s absolutely as bonkers as it sounds.

Samsung’s no stranger to showing off non-flat screens. The busines has a record of attaining sci-fi-riffic displays that curve, flex, and fold .

Its latest screen, a 9.1 -inch “dynamic stretchable AMOLED display, ” is merely a proof-of-concept prototype, but still impressive nonetheless.

It’s a little difficult to see in the portrait below, but the screen can pull 12 mm in concave and convex situations, effectively attaining it bulge out or depress inwards.

Image: samsung display

According to OLEDnet( Korean )~ ATAGEND, Samsung says the stretchable OLED screen is based on Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon( LTPS) display engineering, which facilitates with deforming the necessary pixels for stretching.

Imagine having a phone-sized display that you could elongate into a tablet-sized screen.

There are a number of situations a stretchable screen would be useful. Imagine having a phone-sized display that you could elongate into a tablet-sized screen for watching movies, or reading an e-book, or when you have a assortment of parties hording around it.

For video games, certain elements could cause the screen to pop out or in, lending another layer of visual degree or haptic feedback. It could be both magnificent and unnerving, especially for plays designed to scare you.

The most obvious employ would be for apparel. Digital elbow pads, anyone?

Cool as the display is, it’s still merely a prototype and Samsung hasn’t said anything about plans to commercialize it.

Still, that’s the same reaction Samsung said about foldable displays years ago, and those will reportedly be integrated into a foldable phone either later this year or early next year.

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