British actor Roger Moore, who represented see James Bond in seven movies, was killed in Switzerland Tuesday after a short battle with cancer. He was 89.

“We know our own affection and esteem is likely to be exaggerated many times over, across the world, by people who knew him for his movies, his television indicates and his fierce work for UNICEF, which he considered to be his greatest achievement, ” Moore’s family stated in a berth to his official Twitter report.

Here’s are some of Moore’s top roles 😛 TAGEND


“Ivanhoe”, 1958 – 1959

Moore starred as Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe in the U.K. television escapade sequence.

“The Alaskans, ” 1959 -1 960

Moore represented the role of Silky Harris in this Western television series set in the 1800 s.

“Maverick”, 1960 -1 961

Moore appeared on the U.S. television series, which ran in the 1950 s and 1960 s, as Beauregarde Maverick, the English cousin of the Wild West’s Maverick brethren, Bret and Bart.

“The Saint, ” 1962 – 1969

Moore represented Simon Templar, the perplexing act protagonist who cures employ affluent robbers in jail while manufacturing off with their fortunes.

“The Persusaders !, ” 1971

Moore represented the role of Lord Brett Sinclair for British television, with American actor Tony Curtis as his co-star.



“Bond. James Bond.”

Moore went to the persona in 1973 after original Bond actor Sean Connery tired of it, albeit with mixed success.

Moore’s tightened style and smell of whimsy seemed a commentary on the essential points ridiculousness of the Bond movies – in which the secret agent was as geniu at mixing martinis, berthing beautiful women and telling gourmet dinners as he was at disposing of super-villains trying to take over the world.

He starred as Bond in “Live and Let Die”( 1973 ), “The Man with The Golden Gun”( 1974 ), “The Spy Who Affection Me, “( 1977 ), “Moonraker”( 1979 ), “For Your Seeings Only”( 1981 ), “Octopussy”( 1983 ), and “A View to A Kill”( 1985 ).

“The Wild Geese, ” 1978

Moore represented Lieutenant Shawn Flynn in the Africa-set feature.

“The Cannonball Run, ” 1981

Moore represented heir Seymour Goldfarb, Jr ., in the race humor which likewise starred Burt Reynolds.


Moore continued to work regularly in movies after handing over Bond to Timothy Dalton, but never with the same success.

“The Quest, ” 1996

Moore took on the role of Lord Edgar Hobbs in the Jean Claude Van Damme film.

“Spice World, ” 1997

He represented “The Chief” in the Spice Girls comedy. Moore’s character contacts in the film with the girl group’s manager.

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