Sometimes the lips dont say what the heart feelings, but instead of humanity cooperating with each other on our own collectivesense of care and appreciation, we have concluded the brave decision to build computers that they are able interpret sensations for us.

In this installment of Judah vs. the Machines, actor Judah Friedlander strokes down in Miami to discover the wits of Kairos, personal computers visiontechnologythatclaims to understand beings with cheek identification technology.

The startup claims that their technology can detect sensations like anger, horror, disgust, sadness and hilarity( as well including the lack of feeling ). Friedlander seemedmost concerned about whether the machine would be able to detect the feeling of victory that he soon planned to be feeling.

Friedlander sat down with Kairos CEO Brian Brackeen to figure out how the machine manipulated and see if he could get an upper hand in thumping it head-to-head.

There are 85 qualities on your cheek and the length between those qualities is like a fingerprint or a faceprint Brackeen told Friedlander. We feed the algorithm millions and millions of faces, and we say to the algorithm, This is a male, This is a female, or This is Brian and it discovers over time who these people are or what they are.

Things are a bit more scrappy at Kairos machine learning crew than when Friedlander toured the sprawling offices of Facebook. Kairos AR was founded in 2012 and has received merely over $4.2 million in funding. Their primary patrons appear to be companies looking to gauge brand sensing or organize data through facial identification, though they too tout their AIs ability to serve as an authentication tool.

In his head-to-head challenge with Kairos, Friedlander was forced to guess the sensations of strangers watching videos designed to derive reactions arraying from surprise to dislike to satisfy. Check out the video above to be acknowledged that Friedlander fares.

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