Season 2 will start the mending process .

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13 Reasons Why isn’t stopping at time 13 reasons.

Netflix’s touched drama based on Jay Asher’s bestselling volume of the same epithet is already in production on the work of its second season. Showrunner Brian Yorkey is venturing into completely new territory with the show’s sophomore jaunt, has no such informant material to follow, since the first season enveloped Asher’s book in its entirety.

While Yorkey is impeding some spoilers close to the chest as filming originates next week, he did attach whizs Katherine Langford( Hannah ), Dylan Minette( Clay ), Kate Walsh( Hannah’s mother Olivia) and executive make Tom McCarthy for a Netflix For Your Consideration panel for 13 Reasons Why in Los Angeles on Friday night. Much to the rejoice of the audience, in the final few minutes of the panel, he lastly sagged some clues about what followers can expect to see in Season 2.

“What I can tell you is that surely one question I get a lot is, ‘How can there be a Season 2 when the story’s over? ‘ My response is, ‘What story is over? ‘” Yorkey responded. “‘Well, Hannah’s story is over.’ Well, Hannah informed her form of happenings, but there are at least 12 kids who have another form of those events that we are really haven’t actually examined from hitherto. So I think there’s quite a bit more of Hannah’s story to tell.”

Yorkey made it clear, nonetheless, that he doesn’t means that Hannah lied on the strips. “I don’t think Hannah told any untruths on her tape but I think she told her storey and she reclaimed her narrative which has indeed been taken from her, ” he responded. “She reclaimed the narrative, ‘This is the story of my life and this is why it ends.’ But there are other people who might want to tell that storey differently or who the hell is actors in that storey who might have a different perspective on some of those events.”

He lent, “I think Season 2 will see us look at a lot of the events that we think we know how they went down and maybe learn they’re more complicated than first we guessed, and that Hannah herself is even more complicated than we insured in Season 1. “

Another aspect of Season 2 will explore how Hannah’s family and friends have been forever adversely affected by her death, just as in real life examining the sorrowing process from every angle.

“For those that Hannah left behind, that storey to begin. The storey of their recuperation to begin, ” Yorkey responded. “Clay and Olivia Baker are two of the people who have the most healing to do and that process was only in its extremely, very first stages when Season 1 intention. Season 2 is also about healing and about how we go on, because we are always say that you have to go on, but how do we after something like that? “

While Yorkey hasn’t returned Minette the full rundown on what he’s going to be doing as Clay in Season 2, the actor is eager to learn any and all spoilers he can.

“This weekend we’re sitting down and he’s going to give me the whole story of this season, ” Minette told Mashable on the welcome mat. “I know some of it, I speak some of it, but I don’t are aware of the part arc and I’m dying to know. I’m curious to see how well Clay is going to do with closure and moving on and if he’s will now be able at all.”

Clay may have ended Season 1 examining as if he had a being weight promoted off his chest, driving away with his acquaintances after passing the strips on to the school advice mentor, but Minette “would be surprised if he’s be permitted to time move on.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be the case, ” he responded. “I’m sure his anxiety is going to come into play still. He handled circumstances fairly poorly here and there in Season 1, so I’m interested to see how he administers circumstances this season. We’ll discover. I think there’s more to be explore with his closure, I imply this season ended with him having a grin on his face in the car going apart. What does that imply? I’m stimulated to know.”

Breakout star Langford was “pleasantly surprised” when she learned that she’d be back for Season 2, considering that Hannah is, well … not around anymore.

“We’re going to see Hannah in flashbacks, ” Langford told Mashable. “We’re going to see parts of Hannah’s life that we didn’t in Season 1. We haven’t really gone into that is something that item but I know that we’re continues to that dialogue and obstruct developing the story.”

Despite the lack of source material for Season 2, Langford has full confidence in Yorkey and known to be he’ll be able to deliver an exciting, potent and significant storey once more.

“I was well known that Netflix and the creators would only come back for a Season 2 if it was going to add to the storey, ” she responded. “So when I found out I was coming back and I get to be a part of it, I was just even more excited. I would love to see the quieter instants in Hannah’s life that we didn’t get to see contained within Season 1. It would be really interesting to see some of those missing pieces. And I’m really excited to examine who the new narrator is.”

Another character whose storey will be developed so far in Season 2 is Jessica( Alisha Boe ), who found out that she had been raped by her boyfriend’s best friend and seemed to be about to tell her parent in the finale.

“We have to mention Jessica, who is the living victim of Bryce[ Justin Prentice ], ” Yorkey responded. “I’ve actually had people say to me, ‘Well her story’s done, she told her dad.’ This to me is one of the problems with what we’re stated to expect about tales about desecration especially on television, is that they’re an arc that fell within a persona that considers three chapters or five chapters and then a bit later in the season they’re on to the next occasion with new affection interests.”

He continued, “Having was talking about numerous, numerous desecration survivors and having many of them in my life closer to me, we know that it is a lifelong process. So Jessica’s story is very much just beginning.”

Looking onward at Season 2, Yorkey remains committed to telling real tales about real issues that boys are facing these days.

“One of the things that we did well in Season 1 is seemed long and hard-bitten at the real lives that boys result and to go fairly penetrating into a number of different young people’s lives, ” he says. “I’d like to see us keep telling those tales, keep looking at those kids’ lives and how they move on from here and how peculiarly they try to lead lives of fullness and rapture in times that are very, very dark.”

13 Reasons Why Season 1 is now streaming in full on Netflix.

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