( CNN ) James T. Hodgkinson, “the mens” identified as shooting a Republican is part of congress and four others on Wednesday morning, was a small business proprietor in Illinois who characterized himself publicly by his firm supporter of Bernie Sanders’ progressive politics — and his hate of reactionaries and President Donald Trump.

“Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump& Co.” he posted on his personal Facebook page on March 22.
“Republicans are the Taliban of the USA, ” he affixed in February .

Hodgkinson, 66, was wedded and lives in Belleville, Illinois. He started his own companionship, JTH Inspections, in 1994 and imparted home inspections and mold/ air-quality experimenting.

But he quit that job on New Year’s Eve last year, according to one of his two Facebook profiles. Illinois state preserves been demonstrated that he terminated his corporation on January 10.
Federal law enforcement identified Hodgkinson as the crap-shooter who assaulted Rep. Steve Scalise, a congressional staffer and members of the congressional police force, Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia. Hodgkinson lived following a grease-gun battle with police, officials said .

His politics

Hodgkinson’s online presence was predominantly defined by his politics. For lesson, his public Facebook announces date back to 2012 and are nearly all about his support for liberal politics. He was passionate about duty hikes on the rich and universal health care .

In the past year, most of his Facebook announces consisted of signed petitions on Change.org with claims such as: “Bernie — please pass no matter what; ” “Hillary Rodham Clinton should concede the nomination to Bernie Sanders; ” and “Healthcare for all Americans.”
In one world post on May 24, he indicated a petition to “Stop the NEXUS Pipeline” in Michigan and Ohio. After Hodgkinson’s Facebook profiles were discovered by news reporters, they were updated to prevent public access .

On Wednesday, Senator Sanders publicly recognise that Hodgkinson had volunteered for his presidential safarus last year, but he denounced the violence as “despicable.”
Hodgkinson’s own descriptions on social media show him as an avid buyer of political shows. His favorite television testifies were rolled as “Real Time with Bill Maher; ” “The Rachel Maddow Show; ” “Democracy Now! ” and other left-leaning planneds.
His favorite movie? The documentary “Inequality for All, ” boasting progressive economist Robert Reich .

He had also attached various anti-GOP Facebook radicals, including “Terminate The Republican Party; ” “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Republican; ” and “Join The Resistance Worldwide !! ”

Public enters that align with the alleged shooter’s epithet and personal details likewise match the specific characteristics on Hodgkinson’s Facebook profile: his business, point, spouse, and wife’s bos .

Federal Election Commission chronicles demonstrate Hodgkinson gifted $18 to Bernie Sanders’ presidential safarus through the fundraising programme ACT Blue in 2015 and 2016.
Hodgkinson appears to have written more than a dozen letters to the Belleville News-Democrat, a daily newspapers, from 2010 to 2012. One of the final characters from Hodgkinson, in July of 2012, called for President Obama’s re-election and to “vote all Republicans out of Congress.”
In the words, he wrote extensively about income inequality and announced frequently for higher taxes on the rich .

Hodgkinson likewise engaged with his own representative. Congressman Mike Bost said in a statement that Hodgkinson contacted his office 10 times in recent months with complained about the Republican’s stance on health care and his voting record .

Past run-ins with police

A police report in Illinois also details an incident in 2006 with Hodgkinson’s daughter and her friends — one that involved a firearm. When Hodgkinson’s daughter was at a female friend’s home, he and his wife reportedly tried to take her away from there.
The report tells Hodgkinson resorted to dragging his daughter out of her friend’s car, lashing her seatbelt, and perforating his daughter’s friend in the cheek.
The young woman’s boyfriend eventually met Hodgkinson, and Hodgkinson gathered out his shotgun, stumbled the younger person in the face with the wooden asset of the grease-gun, then burnt a single shot that missed, according to police. Hodgkinson was charged with two tallies of battery, exacerbated discharge of a handgun, criminal damage caused to a motor vehicle and two weighs of domestic battery. Nothing of the three preys showed up in law, so the case was dismissed later that year .

Another, most recent happen, came 3 months ago. Deputies with the St. Clair Sheriff’s Office were announced when neighbourhoods discover “shots fired” in a residential neighborhood, according to police records. Agents located Hodgkinson hitting a hunting rifle. But because he had properly registered himself as a weapons owner with the government of Illinois, deputies purely advised him to photograph safely .

“Unacceptable behavior”

For a day, Hodgkinson cultivated as an independent subcontractor doing lead coat removal for the St. Clair County’s housing rehabilitation and weatherization platform, according to district committee chairperson Mark Kern .

But he was fired as an independent contractor in 2003 from the St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department for “unacceptable behavior, ” Kern responded. He declined to elaborate on the incident .

Hodgkinson came back in 2012 and sought paperwork to be reinstated as an independent contractor but he never returned the paperwork .

“There were enough works that were still there that remembered him. The statu still stood from ‘0 3 and he would not have been allowed back into the program, ” Kern enunciated .

His notions on Scalise

On Facebook in 2015, Hodgkinson made at least one comment about the Republican congressman he is accused of eventually criticizing in person .

“Here’s a Republican that should Lose His Job, but they Leave Him a Raise, ” Hodgkinson said of Scalise, pointing to a cartoon about the congressman .

The cartoon — which featured Scalise addressing a racist gathering of the membership of the Klu Klux Klan — referenced how Scalise had been caught speaking to a white supremacist radical more than a decade earlier when he was a commonwealth legislator in Louisiana .

The guns

Federal negotiators are now detecting the lineages of the two pistols recovered at the site of the misdemeanour: an SKS 7.62.39 rifle( a Chinese-made variant of the favourite AK rifle) and a 9-millimeter handgun, according to a law enforcement source. It is reputed Hodgkinson shot at the politicians and staffers with the SKS rifle .

It is unclear how Hodgkinson procured his weapons. But he did have a legal right to own them .

Hodgkinson had an Illinois firearm identification card and a concealed carry license in the country, which would have allowed him to legally find a weapon in Illinois, according to a neighbourhood law enforcement official who requested obscurity.
Illinois ways handgun proprietors — but not their artilleries. The district does not ask pistol owners to register their handguns, in agreement with the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. CNN has filed a world annals request to obtain the recording of Hodgkinson’s handgun distinguishing placard .

However, Hodgkinson had no hunting tolerates in Illinois, according to Illinois Department of Natural Reserve .

His past

He stuck around to study aviation at what was then called Belleville Area College up until 1971. But there is no annal of a degree being bestowed to him, according to Jim Haverstick, the associate conductor at Southwestern Illinois College .

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