Netflix binging offline may not be so simple after all.

The video-streaming busines announced last year that it “wouldve been” letting customers download movies to watch on-the-go in places where Wi-Fi isn’t available. It’s a great facet, but as is the case with pretty much anything, there’s a bit of a catch.

The number of terms a customer can download a movie or show is limited, and Netflix hasn’t made it clear, according to Digital Trends . But according to the company, this information has can exist since the peculiarity was launched.

Any content downloaded has only one expiration date, which is directly stated in the site’s help section. This means you exclusively have, suppose 48 hours, to watch you movie you downloaded you can’t keep it eternally. Amazon Prime’s download option has a same restriction.

But customers who wish to download the same movie or depict multiple times may need to rethink that decision, because those are the downloads that appear to be limited, Android Police reported.

Android Police points out that rights holders to the movies and registers are now able to gave limitations on how many times material can be downloaded, and since Netflix doesn’t own most of the testifies and movies it offer, they really can’t bear all the blamed here.

The company does district on its area that there may be a limit on the number of ages a designation can be rekindled. Nonetheless, it’s buried in the site’s help area, and there’s no clarification on which claims have restraints, and which designations may not.

“In some instances, there may be limits to the number of names from the same licensing agreement that you candownloadat the same hour, ” Netflix told Mashable in an email. “We will merely enforce these limits in instances in which our licensing agreements require us to do so”

So be careful about your recite viewing. You may contact that dreaded restraint sooner thank you think.

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