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Image caption Sheikh Mohammed stepped in to assistant villagers in Godolphin Cross

Residents in Godolphin Cross in Cornwall were left dazed when the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, stepped in to assist the village buy it Methodist chapel. But it’s not the first time a big name has got behind a project to save a construct or equipment hoarded by the local community. BBC News looks at other acts of generosity made by the rich and famous.


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Image caption Sting at health benefits concert for world-wide equality in New York

In charity terms, the sound superstar is perhaps best known as a guardian of Brazil’s menaced rainforests – or, in one memorable chapter of The Simpsons, as the leading light of the donation register We’re Sending Our Love Down the Well – but there are more cords to Sting’s bow than this.

The big-hearted singer-songwriter couldn’t stand idly by when his help was needed by lido sweethearts in his native north-east England.

When a community group propelled plans to restore Tynemouth Outdoor Pool to its former exaltation, Sting dived in to give a hand.

The musician, primarily from nearby Wallsend, was among those to promise a financial contribution to the Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool.

The campaign to restore the ramshackle lido has so far caused hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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Image caption An artist’s intuition of what the restored puddle would look like

Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen

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Image caption Stephen Fry is said to have coined the affectionate name of “Serena” for Sir Ian McKellen

The aces, who have spoken out repeatedly on the issue of gay claims, are also no strangers to doing their bit to cure others.

So when Southampton pub The Hobbit was threatened with action at law by Hollywood firm the Saul Zaentz Company for alleged copyright violation, it was perhaps no bombshell that the thespian twosome dug into their own pockets.

The pair, who both appeared in the second of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, coughed up the money to settle a copyright licence reward so the bar could continue trading under that name.

Both performers had criticised the movie company’s act, with Sir Ian, who played Gandalf in the Lord Of The Rings films, describing its acts as “unnecessary pettiness”.

At the time the landlady Stella Roberts said she was “very shocked” by the pair’s offer.

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Phillip Schofield

The silver-haired stellar has earned a honour as TV’s Mr Nice Guy during a career that’s covered more than 30 years.

So it was in character when the unflappable sofa-dweller answered the call to save a construct he had played in as a child.

Huer’s Hut, on Towan Head in Newquay, was built in the 19 th Century as a shelter for fish-spotters called huers.

In 2013 Schofield, who grew up in the Cornish resort, took to Facebook to cinema a video singer his support for the restoration programme, saying he was “right behind the campaign” to save it. He apparently donated 8,000 of his own coin .~ ATAGEND

The revamp of the landmark was completed at a cost of 30,000 in 2015.

Image caption Phillip Schofield has been a presenter on This Morning since 2002

Ed Sheeran

Image caption Ed Sheeran headlined the closing night of last weekend’s Glastonbury Festival

As well as being arguably the most pervasive figure in contemporary British culture, Edward Christopher Sheeran is also known as one of pop’s good guys.

It’s safe to say that at no stagecoach in his extraordinarily successful busines has he ever dipped with bad son status – Keith Moon or Iggy Pop this is not – with the community-spirited strummer even doing his chip for road safety in his Suffolk hometown after one of his melodics caused a refuge advising from police.

So when the call for help received from East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, the flame-haired troubadour was only too happy to do his bit.

Clothes gave by the hotshot raised thousands of pounds for a 10 m appeal to build a brand-new sanatorium in Norfolk, one of many efforts “hes having” made on behalf of those less fortunate than himself.

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