Michel Gondry with the iPhone 7
Image: apple via youtube

French director Michel Gondry is well known for his numerous inventive approaches to hitting movie and music videos, but none may be more disorderly than his most recent decision to shoot a short film use an iPhone 7.

The ten-minute film, designation Dtour , which is in French with English subtitles, was secreted on Thursday and tells a charming narration of their own families on a artery jaunt with all the classic Gondry ways of surrealist quirkiness you’d expect.

Gondry, whose previous movies include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Lettuce Hornet , and a number of groundbreaking music videos for the likes of Bjrk, Kanye West, Beck, and the White Stripes, seems at home affixing the iPhone 7 to many riggings to achieve the final result.

And what is that result? Surprisingly lush shade and item, with little clue that the movie was shooting on a smartphone.

Of course, often of “hes also” a recognition to Gondry’s well-honed skill as a professional head. But for those interested in following in Gondry’s paces, Apple’s UK YouTube account affixed a series of behind-the-scenes videos of the conductor at work controlling the smartphone in a wide variety of filming places.

Apple has been hard selling its “shot on an iPhone” campaign for a while now, but to its implementation of establishing a show of just how strong the iPhone is for shooting beautiful video, Gondry was the excellent select.

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