We’re never satisfied with something being “good.” Whether it’s due to the restlessness of the human rights feel, our desire to keep up with the neighbors, or basic stupidity, we’re forever trying to improve the things around us. And, often as not, fucking it up altogether .

For instance …


Basically Anything Facebook Or Twitter Does To Their Site

Just about every damned season Twitter or Facebook( or nearly every other social media website) tries to improve their locates, they appear to make it worse.

Facebook has a entire bunch of different ways to pull this off; nearly every new feature they contribute seems to have some dire side-effect. They can tweak the lane ads display and completely ruin the way their privacy trains wreak . They can add an “On This Day” feature to helpfully remind you of devastating breakups or deaths in the family. They can secretly toy with your feelings for no particular intellect. And they can spoil the very concept of actuality , jumping our world into a thousand years of darkness.

1987599/ Pixabay

Twitter is a little lower ventures, but its supporters are even more rabid about new changes. It was nearly unusable for daytime or two when they are changed their starrings to hearts . Their firstly attempt to thread the talks with blue-blooded pipelines was widely disliked . And they keep trying to mess with the chronology of their users’ timelines, much to everyone’s apprehension. Now, if you’re not a Twitter user, a lot of this might sound meaningless to you. And “its by”! A big-hearted part of this is just hilarious overreaction, which is something Twitter is < em> amazing for.

Shrill overreaction is basically Twitter’s core peculiarity .

But another, larger publish is that it often seems like the peoples of the territories making decisions about Twitter < em> don’t actually use it themselves .

Funnily enough, there’s a conclude for that .


Modifying Our Automobiles

Cars are full of greasy percentages that greasy parties love wiggling and banging on with hammers. Devices can be made more powerful, adjournments can be lowered, and gigantic fuck-off spoilers can be mounted in huge fuck-off importances, all with an seeing towards improving a car’s carry-on or appearance.

It frequently doesn’t work up so good though.

Wikimedia Commons
Handles a little worse than a shopping cart now .

Let’s start with the most defensible of adjustments. Devices can perfectly be made most powerful; there are a huge variety of simple and involved qualifyings which can manage that. But power is only one of the things we ask an instrument to stipulate. “Lasting for longer than three years” is another one. Or passing without making a horrific grumbling resonate. Or having a curious doubt below 2000 RPM. There are endless modes device mods only sort of do what they’re supposed to, and many of them compel inexhaustible extents of fussing to keep running. For some people that’s merriment; it’s the fussing about that they were actually interested in in the first place.

But perpetual amounts of fussing isn’t what everyone’s after, and surely not how these ascents are marketed.

Suspension modifications are even worse. From the factory, a car’s adjournment has been designed by a squad of people with gargantuan, oversized heads to deliver a specific mixture of managing and solace. Yes, it is theoretically probable to accommodate that balance, making a vehicle stiffer for better manipulate, or taller for better access to drive-thru openings, or whatever. But unless you have your own team of people with vast, oversized presidents, you are far more likely to ruin both the control and consolation of your vehicle .

And even if you fix the most stylish, well-thought-out revisions probable , no one’s going to like them but you. On the resale marketplace, untouched vehicles are far more desirable than revised ones .~ ATAGEND Part of this is buyers simply not wanting to deal with the endless fussing that comes with car mods. And for the ones that do, they don’t want to decorate on someone else’s canvas.


Including A New Character To A Show

Television supports don’t get very long to substantiate themselves. 65 percent of them will get cancelled their first season, many of those before the season even finishes.

One of the side effects of that is that the only shows that hang around are actually pretty good ones, which right from the start have a wording, color, and mix of people that publics find appealing. So pleading that there are very limited ways to improve upon the formula. Any attempt to change or include something to the evidence dangers upsetting whatever counterbalance was appea …

… ling in the first place.

This can sometimes work up. Frasier on Cheers , Frank on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia , and Erin on < em> The Office were all successful additions. But computing a brand-new persona is a huge roll of the dice, capable of crippling a successful depict. Whether it’s The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones , or Seven from Married With Children , or Dawn from Buffy The Vampire Slayer , brand-new people have a long track record of becoming disliked by supporters and even shifting them off the appearance exclusively. It’s a ponder producers ever even try.


Computing A Pool To A House

Pools are a standard piece of prosperous residences, a totem of class and comfort everywhere in “the worlds”. Having your own pond is a sure sign that you have uttered it , that you ultimately got what you deserved, even as the person or persons you walked over along the way deserve the shallow mausoleums in which they now lie.

Unfortunately, supplementing a fund to a residence is often a huge, expensive mistake . First there’s the massive up-front cost to build one. Then there’s the massive quantity of maintenance and chemicals and shirtless, well-muscled boys they need to keep clean-living. And lastly, they need to be insured, because you’re perhaps going to lose two or three adolescents in there each year.

You need to use a consortium an awful parcel to make up for that is something that beset. And sure, some people do use their puddles that is something that, splashing fanatics and Olympian and whatnot. But even they had better hope that the next person who buys their home demands that fus. Pools are notorious for turning away customers, which in some neighborhoods will hurt your resale appreciate. Honestly, what you probably want more than a pond is a friend with a reserve .

Or at least a friend with some shirtless, well-muscled boys.


Updating Software

You perhaps aren’t doing anything brand-new with your phone that you weren’t doing three years ago. Texts and delineates and selfies of you contorting on a bear-skin carpeting; the conventional use-cases for a smartphone ought to have locked down for awhile now. And more for some reason, the $600 phone you bought 3 years ago is acces less competent at actually doing any of it.

This isn’t even a question of likening an old-fashioned phone to a brand-new one; our phones simply aren’t as fast as they were when they were new. There’s no physical intellect for this; no dirt or rusty or fledgling fells getting in there and jamming up the paraphernaliums. No, the culprit is primarily OS and software updates. All these new software updates lend brand-new features and increased stability and improved protection, yes, but they also tend to slow a arrangement down with time.

The problem is all this new software is developed and measured on relatively recent hardware. And once things extend about right for the person or persons clearing it, boom, they’re done, send it . Sure, they are likely do a bit of testing on older equipment, but it often isn’t taken that earnestly. There’s just an expectation that all their clients will be using moderately brand-new hardware, an apprehension which ultimately becomes self-fulfilling.

This will happen to just about any kind of computer hardware, but it becomes a real anger with arrangements with “forced” amends, that will stop working perfectly if you don’t feed the latest application. Systems like smartphones. It’s almost like they’re deliberately sabotaging their own concoctions to coax us into buying another.

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