Disgraced comedian accuses of imparting a woman he met three capsules that thumped her out before sexually assaulting her at his house in 2004

Bill Cosby is likely to be re-tried in November on accusations he doped and accosted the status of women more than a decade ago, after a Pennsylvania jury deadlocked on the question after deliberating for six days.

Cosby, who curves 80 in July, was told Thursday to be ready for trouble on 6 November. He is accused of committing a woman he encountered three capsules that beat her out before sexually aggression her at his house near Philadelphia. Cosby did not testify at the trouble but in a deposition in the womans civil dres called the meeting consensual.

His accuser, Andrea Constand, testified for seven hours over two days. She said she never dedicated the actor and comedian consent to engage in sexual congress with her. Instead, she said, she considered him a instructor. She was a 31 -year-old runnings conductor for the status of women basketball crew at Temple University, where he, then 66, was a Tv icon and the schools most well known booster.

Her lawyer said she took the deadlock better than anybody and was not afraid to confront Cosby in court again.

She will be absolutely ready, suggested Dolores Troiani, Constands lawyer. She wants to see right done and she wants to see this through.

Prosecutors saw themselves back to square one on 17 June after the adjudicate certified a mistrial. The jury failed to reach a conviction in more than 52 hours of deliberations.

Cosby, in his deposition, recognise opening a cord of young lady capsules or alcohol before sex encounters over the past 50 years.

District attorney Kevin Steele, who sought the event after an earlier district attorney declined to press charges in 2005, “ve decided to” applied Cosby on trial again. Constand was just going police in January 2005 to remark Cosby had medicine and flouted her a year earlier. She left Temple in March 2004 to return home to suburban Toronto. She is now a rub therapist.

In my thought, I was trying to get my hands to move or my legs to move, but I was frozen, Constand , now 44 -year-old, said in their long-awaited courtroom showdown. I wasnt able to fight in any way.

Defense advocates Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa declined comment Thursday on whether they would be aboard for the retrial. Cosbys publicist did not immediately return a call for observe.

The Associated Press does not commonly identify people who say they are sexual assault victims unless they give permission, which Constand has done.

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