Services like Instapaper and Pocket are often used by consumers to save longer news articles they dont have time to immediately read, and both services offer some use of narration for beings pressed for duration. However, a startup announced Audm believes that theres a better highway to rotate long-form journalism into audio material thats actually enjoyable to listen to by working professional enunciate performers to speak the content.

The companys mobile app was calmly launched last year, but they hadnt made a formal announcement. The startup is currently participating in Y Combinators summer class, and articulated fundraising on hold while they end the program.

Surprisingly, the relevant recommendations for Audm didnt come from founders with media backgrounds.

Co-founders Ryan Wegner and Christian Brinkare both 2007 Columbia grads with backgrounds in psychology and software growth, respectively. But they didnt know one another in college, despite having a wider system where the latter are loosely connected through personal friends and family.

However, both were interested in doing a startup, and when they finally filled up in 2014, the relevant recommendations for an audio information app came together.

Both Brink and Wegner previously affection listening to podcasts, and they realized that some of todays enormous narrators arent available in that format theyre writing for periodicals. But their floors work for audio as is, Brink explains.