One of “the mens” accused of killing an American college graduate outside a nightclub in Greece is claiming his innocence as the family prepares to say goodbye on Saturday.

Nenad Javanovic, a 22 -year-old Serb, claims he did not take part in the fight that killed Bakari Henderson, too 22, in Zakinthos’ raucous tourist quarter of Lagana on July 7.

He told Serbian media that he was at the incorrect locate at the inaccurate time.

I met big chaos, pushing around , nothing else, Javanovic, “whos been” exhausted on bail told B92 television.

“I feel bad that we were there in the first place, ” Javanovic pronounced. “I expect to continue with my life, I am a free humankind. I am sorry about the young man, ” he told, referring to Henderson. “Nobody deserves that.”

Henderson was in Greece working on a photo shoot to launch a clothe string after move away from the University of Arizona in May, their own families says.

Funeral services are prepare for Saturday at the Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church in East Austin.

The details of what prompted the fight between Henderson and at the least nine other souls is unclear.

However, a fight broke out and Henderson was shot down wall street. Video footage from a insurance camera that aired on Greek television pictures Henderson running down the sidewalk and being pursued. One somebody attacked him, shedding him onto a parked auto before others joined in the beating.

Nine doubts, all aged between 18 and 34, have been charged in the incident. Two Javanovic and the other Serb have been secreted on indemnity while six beings one Greek, one British citizen of Serb origin and four Serbs have been jailed pending trial.

The ninth lover, a 33 -year-old Serb, will be presented Saturday before a gues to determine whether he will be held in custody or secreted on bail.

The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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