( CNN) “Devil’s Bargain” — Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Joshua Green’s in-depth journey of the mind and machinations of onetime Breitbart News boss and Trump premier strategist Steve Bannon — and “Shattered” — a painstaking account of Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful expedition by Jonathan Allen, likewise of Bloomberg, and Amie Parnes of The Hill — have both descended the bestseller listings and monopolized “members attention” of the tattle classifies since their freeings.( “Shattered” was published in April; “Devil’s Bargain” made shelves this past week .)

They’re both assimilating interpret for anyone very interested in better understanding the unlikely and unprecedented name of circumstances that gave actuality present multimillionaire Donald Trump into the White House. Both offer fascinating( and juicy) disclosures; neither should be read on its own, since their access journalism beginnings determine each a half-book at best, reporting only one of the two expeditions, and ever from the perspective of beginnings whose personal plans form them eager to talk.

Here’s my scorecard of how they stack up.

What you need to know about Steve Bannon

Authors: Hillary Clinton didn’t grasp populism