There’s a lot of adversity for women to fit a molding of what our cultureconsiders beautiful.We have to be tall, but not extremely towering. Skinny, but with hips and boob, and neithercan be too broad or too large. We have to have a symmetrical appearance. A excellent button nose. Long, glossy “hairs-breadth”. Straight, pearly grey teeth. Clear skin.

Unfortunately , none consider this to be that, because every model we seeonInstagram and every fame we see in magazines, television testifies, and movies is either getting some serious makeup and lightinghelp, or Photoshopped.

Still, webeat ourselves up for not having this perfect, flawless physique.We pick apartour bodies and interpretthe very human aspectsof our physical appearanceas inaccuracies. We panic nobody will find us cellulite, big-hearted nose, pull stigmatizes, and all attractive.

But the men of Reddit are now to let you know that more parties than you think find your flaws sexy. Of course, you shouldn’t necessitate a guy to remindyou you’re beautiful in order for you to feel beautiful but I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t help to hear.

Here are some of those flaws that “youre supposed to” don’t likeabout yourself, but that lots of men really like 😛 TAGEND

A Speech Impediment

Slight speach imoedements. Idk why but it’s beautiful to me.

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