( CNN) While touring the country as a Donald Trump impersonator during last year’s presidential primaries, actor Anthony Atamanuik planned to hang up his Trump wig after Election Day.

That, of course, didn’t happen. Trump was elected president and the nation’s desire for caricature only increased as Trump took office. By then, after months of dissecting Trump’s idiosyncrasies and teaching penetrating into the mogul’s psychosis, Atamanuik had honed one of the best Trump marks in its own country.

And in a unusual twisting of fate for the liberal-minded actor, Trump’s success supported Atamanuik the biggest disintegrate of their own lives. Atamanuik’s act is now showcased every Thursday night on Comedy Central in a brand-new program called “The President Show, ” where he depicts Trump as the host of his own late-night talk display from the Oval Office. The picture aired for the first time last week.