A crew of voluntary cold-case reviewers in the Pacific Northwest, led by a former FBI agent, has unveiled what they believe to be possible indicate in the 46 -year-old mystery of D.B. Cooper.

Thomas Colbert, a TV and film exec who helped put together the team with his partner and partner Dawna, confirmed to Fox News that his group had shown what appears to be a decades-old parachute strap.

The D.B. Cooper case has fascinated and baffled professional and amateur sleuths since Nov. 24, 1971, when a soul announcing himself Dan Cooper hijacked a Northwest Orient Boeing 727 and demanded a $200,000 ransom. After welcoming the money, Cooper climbed out the back of the plane wearing a business suit and a parachute.

No trace of Cooper has ever been noticed, though some bales of the ransom money is tantamount to $5,800 were uncovered in 1980 on the banks of the Columbia River, which marks the border between Washington and Oregon.

Colbert declined to originate the exact locale of his crews delves public, but claimed the health risks fasten was unearthed right where a reliable beginning claimed the gutter and standing money are embed. Colbert added that he planned to pass the possible manifestation to the FBI on Friday, while his unit would give the probe area to the Bureau on Monday.

In July 2016, the FBI announced that it was no longer actively investigating the contingency. Two months ago, Colbert filed a federal suit is targeted at procuring the FBIs entire folder on the Cooper case. On Wednesday, Colbert “re just saying that” archived FBI field reports helped show info from a duet that led to the site of his teams most recent dig.

Colbert, who maintains an internet site, DBCooper.com, and has co-written a volume about the contingency with veteran columnist Tom Szollosi, feels they have identified Robert Rackstraw, a 73 -year-old Army veteran with a prior criminal record, as Dan Cooper. However, examiners wondered Rackstraw about the Cooper case in 1978 and excreted him as a suspect the subsequent year. Rackstraw himself has persistently disclaimed any participation in the caper.

The FBI could not immediately be reached for provide comments on Colberts declarations. Nonetheless, Bill Baker, the Bureaus onetime assistant director of criminal investigations, has said the idea that Rackstraw is Dan Cooper needs another look.

“Lookthis is more than a philosophy, and you have a[ living believe] that has all the attributes of someone to do this successfully, Baker articulated. These are issues that have to be examined and weighed[ by the FBI ]. “

Fox News’ Perry Chiaramonte and Cristina Corbin contributed to this report .

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