We’re in full swing of every thot’s fave time of year, aka twilight. With October upon us, the temperatures are getting colder faster than we can say PSL. In addition to the little black boot, sweaters are like, the best tendency drop pattern has to offer. There’s nothing better than wet-nurse your hangover, flowing errands, or even meeting your posse at the bar while wearing the world’s comfiest oversize sweater–with no heaves, of fucking direction. Sweater weather already has modelings we strive to be as skinny as( Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, clearly) strutting streets in baggy sweaters and cute ends, because IDK, maybe even celebs run out of clean leggings, more. If worn properly, a bulky sweater will most def* not* see you search bloated af or look like a sack of potatoes. Just take it from the expert, okay? Now are the most comfortable, hitherto posh oversize sweaters you can totally wear as a dress, because like, fuck pants.

1. AGOLDE High Low Hoodie

This pullover hoodie rumbles Kardashian in the sense that I’m almost positive every single one of them wears a hoodie as a dress at the least formerly a week. This cotton high-to-low hoodie comes in two different colourings( our go-to black and millennial pink ), each with a drawstring bonnet. The asymmetrical girdle caters good enough coverage to repair pants-less in confidence. Pair with sock boots and you can totes go out in public in this before indulging in a low-key wine-coloured nighttime.

2. Theory Merino Wool Off-The-Shoulder Oversized Sweater

Wool is frequently eschewed because it’s uncomfortable and itchy AF. I know allure is pain, but wool is typically certain exceptions because it’s precisely not worth it most of the time. Thank god this lightweight oversize sweater is designed with indulgence wool–the shit that doesn’t itch–to keep you warm and v comfy in the cooler months. It boasts an extra wide cervix so it can be worn off the shoulder for an effortlessly chic review while you Netflix and chill with your recent cuffing season pitch. Seek a size up from your normal so you can easily style , no pants required.

3. Ted Baker Oversized Cashmere Mix Sweater Dress

Nothing says “I’m an important fucking person” like wearing some high-class cashmere. With dropped shoulders and a tie figurehead, this sweater dress ogles perf over any body sort without originating you seem( or find) pudgy. Even after various vodka sodas, you can adjust the tie to hide your bloat and still gape skinny. Duo with sex thigh-highs and your best friend will be asking to borrow your organization next time you go out.

4. Zara Oversized Textured Sweater

Whether you’re doing the stroll of disgrace or lying comatose on your lounge, you may as well gaze semi-decent doing it. Opt for a textured sweater that fetches a enjoyable point to a cheerful inspect by styling with a non-suffocating corset belt and ankle buckle ends. From darknes to daybreak, you’ll be the last one stand in ultimate ease and wording, two utterances that are rarely in the same sentence.

5. Opening Ceremony Off-The-Shoulder Wool-Blend Sweater Dress

For an option that balances sex appeal and classiness, this oversize sweater come here for off-the-shoulder sleeves and a ribbed shave for the ideal relaxed fit. Bless. The section comes to really above the knee, but you can def go up a length for extra comfort. Feel free to make this to the role and pair with your overly frayed Adidas Superstar sneakers for something more casual. If you plan on grabbing sips, promote the regard with block-heeled boots.

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