James Damore rose to questionable popularity when, last-place month, he published a interminable, anti-women and anti-diversity screed that built the rounds at Google, and then the entire internet.

For saying such things as” girls generally a harder period … voicing up, and contributing ,” and saying Google should constrain its diversification strategies, he was fired.

Damore became a bit of a cause celebre for the right, which believed that Google had infringed on his right to free speech. But well, as they say, regrettably, all your faves are problematic.

Today, Damore tweeted a poll question to his admirers. It queries,” doesn’t the KKK have some cool specifies ?”

Screenshot via James Damore/ Twitter

Yeah, OK.

This is like asking why you can't specify your baby "Hitler," but satisfy, continue.

Many television appearances and movies and board game and LARPing activities use the period wizards--while not proposing hasten war.

But most everyone once knows that. Save for the person who, you are familiar with, affirms he's not racist.

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