We all know Halloween is a time to dress up like your favorite television person( even though you should probably stop) and buy one tonne of rejected sugar the next day.

But, while you wait for Oct. 31 to roll around, don’t forget to make some time to watch a few Halloween-themed episodes that they are able to realise your October more about roars and less about scares.

1. The Office : “Halloween”

The Office is a indicate you have to watch at the least formerly. Between the costumes and references played by Steven Carell and Rainn Wilson, its best available appearance to start or dissolve October with. It’s streaming on Netflix.

2. Friend : “The One with the Halloween Party”

The ‘9 0s sitcom never had a dull time. Monica and Chandler decided to throw a party which peculiarity Ross dressed like Sputnik, Rachel giving away coin instead of candy, and Phoebe falling for her sister’s fiance. What is to be able to go wrong? It’s streaming on Netflix.

3. Parks and Recreation : “Greg Pikitis”

Although the chapter hubs around Leslie( Amy Poeler) and her arch-nemesis, scenes like this stole the testify. This ensemble manufactured the episode even funnier with this PSA for children on Halloween. It’s streaming on Netflix and Hulu.

4. How I Converged Your Mother : “Slutty Pumpkin”

Despite the climax( tells just forget it ever happened ), episodes like the “Slutty Pumpkin” represents what HIMYM was all about: Ted( Josh Radnor) somehow convening the weirdest girlfriend and telling “their childrens” “the worlds largest” unwarranted narration. It’s streaming on Hulu.

5. Modern Family : “Halloween”

It forms feel for the purposes of our 22 Emmy award-winning depict to clear the list. This was the show’s first Halloween episode and its far and away the funniest with the poorest of the poor struggle at generate a recurred live. It’s streaming on Hulu.

6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air : “Hex and the Single Guy”

The classic ‘9 0s sitcom had some of the most funniest( and heartbreaking) escapades in television history. So, it’s no catch this Halloween episode drew the chip. Leave it to Will Smith to oblige pranks when it comes to meeting a medium. It’s streaming no where( which is a sham ).

7. Community : “Epidemiology”

Just imagine The Walking Dead being a humor. That’s what Community provided in their second Halloween special. It also has a seductive Dracula Childish Gambino, so there’s that. It’s streaming on Hulu.

8. Black-ish : “Jacked o’ Lantern”

How do you acquire best-dressed kinfolk on television? Dress like the Obamas down to the presidential baby. After the second largest Halloween special, the establish continues to produce the funniest occurrences. It’s streaming now on Hulu.

9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia : “Who Got Dee Pregnant? ”

It’s hilarious when people have to relay a storey after a drunken nighttime. This Halloween-themed episode cores around who got Dee( Kaitlin Olson) pregnant and it’ll take a while to figure out who’s actually telling the truth. It’s streaming on Netflix and Hulu.

10. The Big Bang Theory : “The Middle Earth Paradigm”

The 46 Emmy-nominated show have been leaving us giggles since 2007. This episode stanch from their first season when Penny( Kaley Cuoco) decides to invite the people to their first party and well, it’s certainly what you expect it to be. It’s streaming on Hulu.

11. Frasier : “Halloween”

The late ‘9 0s sitcom romps on the outcome miscommunication can bring to a Halloween costume party and its even better with a classic literature topic.

12. 30 Rock : “Stone Mountain”

While it’s not Halloween ponderous, this panorama showed the comedic gold that was 30 Rock . It’s streaming on Hulu.

13. Roseanne : “BOO! “

It’s absurd to do a Halloween binge night without Roseanne . It’s tough to pick one favorite escapade when the ‘8 0s sitcom has six memorable ones. It’s streaming no one( but hopefully soon when it comes back on television ).

Bonus: Roseanne : “Trick or Treat”

There’s some honorable mentions like Louie, Freaks and Geeks and Curb Your Enthusiasm that will have you tittering for epoches.

So, who’s be prepared to binge watch all these demo all of October?

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