Image copyright Reuters Image caption Left-right: Hugh Bonneville, Paddington, Hugh Grant

If proof were needed that good friendships stand the moving of experience, examine no further than actors Hugh Grant and Hugh Bonneville.

Almost 20 years when they are starred together in Notting Hill, the two Hughs have reunited for the brand-new Paddington movie – and both am telling the mutual affection hasn’t waned.

“When I first participated Bonneville, I threw him to the storey and tried to kiss him, which is what we used to do, ” says Grant, who plays the film’s villain( Nicole Kidman’s role in the first cinema ), washed-up actor Phoenix Buchanan.

“But he’s so aged now, he articulated his back out. It cost us a couple of days filming.”

Given that Grant, 57, is four years Bonneville’s elderly, there’s a hint of a wind-up in the air.