It costs less than one month of cable .

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Cable is expensive, and with streaming services rising in esteem, more and more beings are saying goodbye to their expensive cable caskets. Live Tv occurrences are still a situation, though, and streaming on your computer only isn’t the same when you’re watching something big like the Super Bowl.

Network TV is free for everyone, but unless your Tv is super old-time and there is also “rabbit ear” antennae, “youre supposed to” don’t have a highway to access it without a cable carton. It’s 2017 and now we have digital antenna that don’t oblige your TV look like something out of The Brady Bunch .

Amazon is having a lightning agreement today on a skinny, modern HDTV digital antenna. It’s thin enough to fit behind your Tv and is also possible powered by either outlet or USB. As long as you live within 50 miles of your programme tower, it will pick up network channels so you can watch information, forecast, boasts, sitcoms, and more for free. If “youre living” farther away you can get an outdoor antenna that’s also on sale.

The deal goes you 80% off the original price of $109, obliging it $22.09. So basically you get network Tv for life( or as long as network Tv is still around) for less than one month of cable.

Just because you got rid of cable doesn’t mean you got rid of live TV. You’re time being smarter about it.

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