The force is still with Disneyland’s most frequent tourists — it’s just going to cost them a lot more.

Disneyland Resort has temporarily discontinued their Disney Southern California Annual Passport, according to the Orange County Register. The change, which came suddenly without notice Monday morning, will throw the $469 admission pass on hiatus indefinitely.

Disneyland will continue to offer its less expensive locals-only pass — the $339 Disney Southern California Select Annual Passport — but nearby residents of areas including Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County hoping to get spend their weekends at the commons on the inexpensive are out of prosperity. This lower-price pass, which offers 170 days admission to Disneyland Resort, is restricted from exploit on holidays, throughout summertime, and blocked out on all weekends.

To purchase an annual pass and be able to visit Disneyland Resort on a Saturday or Sunday, locals will now have to waste $619 for a Disney Deluxe Passport, for $150 more per person than previously offered. SoCal residents who currently regard the now-discontinued Southern California Annual Passport pass will still be able to renew it, but no new extends will be sold.

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