The Incredibles are back, and they have a laser babe. This is great news.

Disney Pixar’s first-ever look at The Incredibles 2 reveals that a very young member of the prodigious household has a brand-new ability: Jack-Jack Parr can now kill lasers out of his eyes. That’s in addition to the shapeshifting, fire-making, and phasing supremacies he tapped into in the first movie.

While our first look at The Incredibles 2 focuses dad Bob Parr’s undertakings in babysitting, we learned over the summer that momma Helen Parr — aka “Elastigirl” — is the whiz of this new fib. We don’t know what global threat she’s confront, but we’re sure she knows how handle it.

The trailer here elevates more wonders than it reacts. Jack-Jack once had supremacies in The Incredibles , he time paucity assure. And yet now we check Bob excitedly exclaimed in Jack-Jack’s face, “You have superpowers! ” Maybe it’s a flashback?

At least now we know when explanations will be coming. The long-awaited sequel to Pixar’s 2004 hit will be in theaters next summertime, on June 15, 2018.

UPDATED Nov. 18 at 11:28 a.m. ET An earlier form of this history erroneously identified Jack-Jack as a brand-new member of The Incredibles category. In point, Jack-Jack played an important role in the original movie. We repent the error.

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