President Donald Trump, in a Thanksgiving address to corps, credited his policies for accepting the advances in Afghanistan and against Islamic State, and alarmed about transmitting sophisticated weapons to American allies that one day could become the enemy.

” Everybody speak of the progress you’ve made in the last few months since I opened it up ,” Trump told the Army’s 82 nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan, during a morning video label from his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.” We’re not fighting anymore to only walk around. We’re fighting to acquire. You’ve grew it around over the last three to four months like nobody has construed, and they are talking about it .”

Where candidate Trump had proposed U.S. engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq was a waste of time, one year later the Commander-In-Chief espoused tackling the conflicts and the idea of having previous U.S. military earns with continued engagement. He too predicted the military officials that once they came home they would return to a good economy, job opportunities and hopefully” big, fat, beautiful tax slice .”

Trump, speaking afterwards Thursday morning during a see to the coast protector terminal in Lake Worth Inlet in Florida, thanked a group of officers for rescuing beings captured by deadly blizzards that pummeled the southeastern U.S. seashore this year, including Hurricanes Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida. Trump touted contrived brand-new assets for the military forces, citing a $700 billion defense policy money that Congress has sent for his signature.

Trump said his administration is dictating carries for the Navy and that the Air force is going new planes, including Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-3 5 fighter jets, which he said operated” almost like an invisible fighter .”

Invisible Plane

” I was asking the Air Force chaps, I said how good is this plane ?” said Trump.” You know, a fight, like I watch on the movies, a fight, they’re fighting, how good is this? They said, it wins each time because the foe cannot see it .”

He also said he’s changing the “sad” situation in which the U.S. defense manufacture had been exchanging its best rig to foreign commonwealths.” You know when we exchange to non-eu countries, even if they’re allies, you never is well known an collaborator- an ally can rotate ,” he said.” I ever say become ours a little better, pay it that extra acceleration. Save about 10 percent in the bag, because no one has what we have .”

By video-conference call, Trump also accosted Navals in Iraq with a” Semper fi” — the Marine Corps motto, which necessitates” ever loyal” in Latin — and admired them for” handing overcome after rout to ISIS .”” We are being talked about again as an armed forces ,” he said.” We are genuinely prevailing, we know how to win. But we have to let you win.

” They weren’t letting you prevail before, the latter are letting you play even ,” he said of his precedes Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Navy Address

He also addressed Navy members on the USS Monterey at sea, an United states air force expeditionary fighter squadron at Incirlik, Turkey, and Coast Guard representatives on USCG Wrangell at Kuwait Navy Base.

The president had a Thanksgiving message for writers investing the festivity submerge him. Promising the military they could have a confidential conference formerly the written press had been escorted from the area, Trump told the protective kitty to” get off. And I’ll say,’ You’re fired !'”

” And by the way, media, Joyful Thanksgiving, I must say. Have a good Thanksgiving in Palm Beach, Florida .”