35-year-old Coloradan Melinda Ray was quickly dying from a inherited disease destroying her liver.

With her state mode on the reject every day and little hope for spotting a match for organ transplants, the outlook for Melinda’s survival was glancing rather grim.


“We had just had campaigner after nominee being ruled out, and symptoms were progressing. They were progressing tight, ” said husband James Ray to ABC News, adding that “the days were coming harder.”

However, James was not ready to give up on his beloved wife and mother of their three children.


In his hopeless search for the right competitor, he decided to berth a plea on Facebook in hopes the right pair of looks may fall upon his message.

But of the hundreds of friends and family members who construed his post, it turned out to be a total stranger that would be his wife’s saving grace.

When Robin Ihnfeldt heard about Melinda’s situation through her sister, she told her husband, Jeff, about their sought for a match.

Upon hearing about the woman’s miscarrying liver and terrible is necessary to organ transplants, he responded without hesitation: “I’d do it.”

“He’s always been an astonishing man, ” says Jeff’s wife, Robin, of the former Navy SEAL. “He hears bullets and he fees into these situations.”

Doctors urged Jeff that the process “couldve been” risky, and even lethal, but that didn’t stop the San Diegan from winging all the way out to Colorado to the rescue.

As a skydying teach and Hollywood stuntman for movies like “Deepwater Horizon” and “Iron Man, ” this mortal is no stranger to danger.

“I suppose I probably considered it for all of half a second before I said,’ I’m up let’s do this, ‘” he told ABC.

Besides, he simply couldn’t stand the relevant recommendations of parties accepting around doing nothing while a good-hearted feeling like Melinda was on her deathbed.

“I study the majority of it is it’s time not okay with me that someone would die if people simply sit around on their hands, ” said Jeff. “I’m kind of a do-something type of person.”

“You’re going to change someone’s life, ” he added. “It could be the difference between life and death for somebody.”

Jeff terminated up bequeathing 60 percentage of his liver to Melinda, and both of them are retrieving well after the successful surgery.

“I was of the view that I have a little sister now. We literally share Dna at this degree, ” said Jeff. “She gets lengthened times, she gets to raise her minors, to be the mother that she’s always wanted to be and live out life with her husband.”

As for Melinda, she’s precisely delighted to see that such a kind stranger would risk his working life so that she may have a second shot at hers.

“It gave me really great hope, and humanity, and hope that I could be a mummy and a wife, because that’s something I wasn’t sure was going to happen through the year, ” said Melinda.

“And precisely the fact that somebody would settle “peoples lives” on hold for me and stop their life and save excavation, you are familiar with, it wanted all is me.”

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