( CNN) It seems like America’s every cultural time is under remember thanks to Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and the rest of “the mens” accused of sex misbehaviour this year. I can’t even watch a Christmas movie like “It’s a Wonderful Life” without wondering if it is inherently sexist. And I adore that movie.

I am not alone in my musings. Blaine Greteman, who writes for The Week, questions whether “The Nutcracker” is appropriate for young girl. He expects, “What the hell is going on with Godfather Drosselmeyer? ”

And feminists have long objected to that flirty Christmas Carol, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” That’s why every festivity season someone writes an section advising America to withdraw the carol because of its rape-like undercurrents. It starts innocently fairly. Guy fulfils gal on cold Christmas night. They share a suck. I am all in until the duo sings this: