LOS ANGELES( Variety.com) – Jerry Van Dyke, a very young friend of performer Dick Van Dyke and a four-time Emmy nominee, croaked Friday in Arkansas. He was 86.

Jerry’s wife, Shirley Ann Jones, told the New York Times that his health had languished since a traffic accident in 2015.

Van Dyke’s television career began in tandem with his brother’s, as one of his earliest expressions was on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in 1962 as Stacey Petrie.

Van Dyke was excellent known for his persona as Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam on ABC’s “Coach, ” which gave him four Emmy nominations.

Throughout his video career, Van Dyke tended towards projects that would go on to be short-lived, returning down a starring role in “Gilligan’s Island” to work on “My Mother the Car, ” which has been considered to be one of the worst television testifies of the age. It ran for only one season on NBC in September 1965. A few of his other ill-fated activities included “Accidental Family, ” “Headmaster” and “1 3 Queens Boulevard.”

Michael Ansell via Getty Images
Jerry Van Dyke and his brother Dick Van Dyke appeared together in an episode of ABC’s “The Middle.”

When his video job began to seemingly taper off at the end of the ’6 0s, he subsidized himself with his stage show, which played in Las Vegas, at Playboy Clubs, and on cruise ships.

In 1989, however, Van Dyke nabbed the role of Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam on “Coach, ” which led until 1997. Van Dam assisted to Craig T. Nelson’s Coach Hayden Fox as they oversaw the imaginary Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles. Van Dyke’s work on the reveal gave him four Emmy nominations for supporting actor.

Van Dyke was characteristically good-humored about the wandering mood of his busines, telling USA Today in 1990 that the Emmy nominations he received for the character marked its peak.

“Everybody talks about me making a resurgence, ” he said. “I say:’ Resurgence from what? This is as good as it’s ever been.’”

After “Coach” culminated, Van Dyke continued to make guest impressions in sitcoms like “Yes, Dear, ” “Raising Hope” and “My Name is Earl.”

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