British actor Idris Elba, who has ascended to movie royalty, inserted girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre to real royalty Thursday night.

The smashing “Molly’s Game” star and his attendant shaped small talk with the ruler at the One Million Young Lives Dinner at Buckingham Palace, a video time released by the palace demoes( watch below ).

Elba can be heard telling the 69 -year-old heir to the throne, “pretty much my whole career, ” but little else can be made out.

Chris Jackson via Getty Images
Sounds like small talk to us.

Dhowre, a 29 -year-old onetime Miss Vancouver, has been discerned with the 45 -year-old British part for several months. Elba and Dhowre apparently encountered while the actor was filming “The Mountain Between Us” with Kate Winslet in Canada. In September, Elba told People magazine, “Falling in love while making a movie about fallen in love is reasonably special.”

Those names might be a knife in the heart for some supporters of Elba, whom Twitter unofficially affirmed “The Sexiest Man Alive” recently.

Before the palace dinner, Elba passed the thumbs-up to Meghan Markle, who’s employed to Prince Charles’ son, Prince Harry. Much as been made of Markle being biracial.

“Meghan Markle, as a person, regardless of her emblazon, is a role model, ” Elba said, according to reports. “As a strong maiden wedding into our royal family, she’s about to become a role model for any woman — black, white.”

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