People are genuinely hyped about the brand-new Star Wars movie, and based on early recollects, it seems like they’re in for a treat.

“The Last Jedi” celebrates the ninth film in the Star Wars franchise, and it comes ended with all the hallmarks of its predecessors — whirring lightsabers, laser blasters, charming robots, and wise old-fashioned dudes with supernatural capabilities. By most reports, it’s a must-see.

This is me being elicited about “The Last Jedi.” Image from Star Wars/ Disney.

However, there is one thing that’s been the same across every cinema — the various kinds of occasion you’d hope would be different for a film franchise in the work of its fourth decade — and it’s jolly noticeable when you look at all the directors it’s had so far.

As you can see here, they all look pretty simil — oh wait, wrong photo.

Photo by Chris Jackson/ Getty Images.

Ah! Here. Sorry about that. Where was I? Ah, right, so if you take a look at the film’s conductors, you’ll notification a clear tend. They’ve all been grey men.

Clockwise from top left: Star Wars creator George Lucas, “The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams, “The Empire Strikes Back” director Irvin Kershner, “The Last-place Jedi” director Rian Johnson, and “Rogue One” administrator Gareth Edwards.

Now, of course, there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with has become a white man. Some of my best friends are lily-white husbands. My father is a white man, even. Roughly into double toes, however, you’d think that an epic cinema right like Star Wars would want to branch out a little bit to recognize some fresh new positions. For speciman, dream what an Ava DuVernay( “Selma”) or Ryan Coogler( “Black Panther”) Star Wars film could look like, or perhaps Patti Jenkins( “Wonder Woman”) or Jordan Peele( “Get Out” ). How hot would that be?

One person who envisions the dealership could use a little bit of diversity in the director’s chair is “The Last-place Jedi” director Rian Johnson.

When asked by Yahoo Movie U.K. whether it’s time to alter the Star Wars director’s chair, Johnson responded with an fervent, “Hell, yes, it’s occasion! “

“There are so many unbelievably talented female superintendents, conductors of color out there, and so many I would love to see play in this macrocosm, ” he lent. “Yes, satisfy. I would cherish it to happen.”

Johnson speaking at a press conference. Photo by Charley Gallay/ Getty Images for Disney.

Unfortunately, that’s not policy decisions Johnson gets to make. It doesn’t definitely sounds like there are going to be any big changes to the white, male director lineup in the near term. J.J. Abrams is set to return as lead for Episode IX, Ron Howard is slated to make helm of 2018’s “Solo: A Star Wars Story, ” and Johnson is going his own trilogy. While things are given for a little bit, the facts of the case that the Star Wars universe deters expanding “couldve been” cause for a brand-new hope ( Get it? Like the name of one of the movies? Get it ?) when it comes to seeing some off-camera diversity.

The Star Wars franchise has done a prodigious position when it comes to boosting on-screen diversity in recent films, and it’s paid for by in a big way.

Both 2015 ‘s “The Force Awakens” and 2016 ‘s “Rogue One” had female heads with a racially and gender issues diverse substantiating shoot. They both were massively successful at the box office( “The Force Awakens” started more than$ 2 billion, and “Rogue One” met more than$ 1 billion) and impressed reviewers as well( “The Force Awakens” nabbed a 93% Rotten Tomatoes ranking, and “Rogue One” got an 85% ).

Lupita Nyong’o, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and Oscar Isaac starred in “The Force Awakens.” Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images for Disney.

So while the right emphatically deserves major kudos for its molding in recent cinemas( perhaps they learned a reading after the disasters that were the prequels ), it’d be pretty great if the next time out, they applied someone different a try behind the camera to tell brand-new fibs with a fresh view in that galaxy a long time ago and far, far away.

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