/ Shameless

Thank you for showing what a dysfunctional kinfolk looks like. Not the soft category on sitcoms who have dazed arguments that ever aim in kisses and a exercise learned. The kind with misuse. The species with alcoholism. The species with poison own family members. The species with questions, questions that be extended beyond disagreeing over a sweetheart or the leftovers in the fridge.

Thank you for showing that children don’t have to become their parents. That, even if they have tainted genes, addictions that are passed down to them, they aren’t destined to fall down the same self-destructive course as their mom and dad. They can choose to be different. They can work to change themselves. They can take the shit hand they have been given and perform something special out of it.

Thank you for showing what it’s like to be stuck inside of a poisonous milieu. To grow up too early. To learn from an early age that some people, even your own family members, aren’t therefore deserves your time and exertion, even though they elevated you and give a roof over your president. Thank you for showing how sometimes you have to raise yourself, you have to take care of yourself, you have to put yourself first because nobody is is going to make love for you.

Thank you for showing how great success someone can gain, even though they come from nothing. For building it clear that someone’s asset and status have no correlation to their ability and intelligence. For seeing it clear that it doesn’t matter what kind of residence you grew up in, because you can still attain what it is you set out to do. You can still go to college. You can still start your own business. You can still draw something of yourself.

Thank you for showing the reality of interactions. For indicating pairs are working together and fall apart. For showing important affinities dissolve and finding out that both parties are still expressing, still subsisting without the other person. Thank you for obliging it clear that you can get over any anguish, even if you thought it was going to last-place a lifetime. Thank you for showing not everything last-places — and that is actually okay. That can actually lead to growth.

Thank you for showing how hard it is to make it through your twenties. For how hard it is to scrounge together enough money is payable for your own locate. For how difficult it is to make it until graduation period and get a steady task without “losing ones” goddamn mind.

Thank you for showing Lip working to overcome his alcoholism. Thank you for showing Ian comfortable with his virility. Thank you for showing Fiona impel something of herself without anyone facilitating her succeed.

Most of all, are grateful for prompting me I’m not alone in my skirmishes. For realise me recognise I’m not as fucking crazy as I seem. Thank you for showing me their own families I can actually relate to for once, because it helps to know I’m not the only one going through this shit.

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