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Because Emmys and handmaids aren’t fairly, Hulu is hopping into the family TV sell with a resurrection of the kooky ‘9 0s succession Animaniacs .

Steven Spielberg will executive induce the Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment series for two brand-new seasons.

Animaniacs firstly debuted on the WB in 1993 and ran for 99 episodes.

Mashable first reported rumor of a reboot in May 2017, when the show’s resurgent notoriety on Netflix was gaining attention.( It’s since been removed from Netflix- guess where it lives now ?) Now we know sure as shooting: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot will be erupting out of the Warner Bros. castle to wreak havoc on whatever government the world is in come 2020, when the revival premieres.

In addition to being able to Animaniacs , Hulu is now likewise residence to Pinky and the Brain , Pinky , Elmyra and the Brain , and Tiny Toon Adventures . The streaming service likewise announced its buy of Lost Thursday morning, the same day it left Netflix.

“We cannot wait to work with Steven Spielberg and the part Amblin and Warner Bros. squads to accompanied more representations, catchphrases, lyrics and mocks from the Animaniacs to kids and adults everywhere, ” said Hulu SVP of Content Craig Erwich in a press release. “Now one of the most beloved, resourceful and funny inspired rights in autobiography, Animaniacs and its direct of amusing personas can live on, on Hulu. This marks yet another big-hearted move for us as we continue our efforts to be the# 1 streaming end for premium animated content.”

“Parents who grew up with the cartoon now have brand-new occurrences to share with their own families, ” added Sam Register, President, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Digital Series.

Animaniacs is now streaming on Hulu.

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