Image caption Hi-de-Hi! was set in a holiday clique at the end of the 1950 s

The antics of the officials of Maplins holiday camp entertained onlookers for nearly a decade and constructed big stars of the throw of Hi-de-Hi! Thirty years after the last bout was expres, on 30 January 1988, they have been sharing their recollections with the BBC.

“All these year later, people say to me how wonderful it was and how we affection the prove, ” says Jeffrey Holland, who toy the camp’s comedian Spike Dixon.

“You can’t get 19 or 20 million viewers now.

“I meet young actors now who know me from the 1980 s, and they are often thrilled to meet me for the above reasons, and that’s so gratifying.”

Hi-de-Hi! was Holland’s big break, with the role of Spike written with him in mind.