It feels like January is slithering by. Like, is this month longer than all of 2017 blended? UGH. I’m about ready for a concoction( I say to myself every day at 3pm ). Most of the signs tackle some serious matter this weekend, like, large-scale, life-changing material. Still, thank god for weekends, amirite?


The Sun recruiting Aquarius continues to turn your imagination toward more social concepts. Shitty weather be damned. You’re getting out of the motherfucking live this weekend. Power past your feelings shit that might “re coming” sometime Friday night. Condemn your period or red wine if you ugly announce during the post-game this weekend.


According to your weekend horoscope, your Friday-Sunday will be all about realise concepts. Yes, cue Kylie Jenner’s 2017 resolution. While you’re hectic this weekend living your life and not dwelling on shit, be prepared to receive random emotional purity about where you accept with ties-in, dreamy and platonic.


No one wants to be in the place on Friday, but if you simply can’t escape, don’t annoy. A Moon-Saturn aspect is helping you come clear about where you’re ability in your job. If your period controls by and you’re candidly experiencing your work, this is the right road for you. If each and every Saturday can’t come soon enough, it’s a signaling you should abuse this weekend to smooth your resume and start looking for a brand-new opportunity.


If you really want to bail with someone this weekend, you should bring up some penetrating shit to talk about. It clangs funny, but if you feel like you haven’t been connecting with your best friend or boyfriend, it might be time to talk about the real existential issues like who’s the best Kardashian sister or what happens when you die.


The Sun participating Aquarius is great news for your partnership zone. And no, that’s not a code name for your vagina. A significant other or best friend will want to get closer to you. Work on parting your time this weekend between all persons who reaches out to hang out with you. You never know when you could use a acquaintance or lover.


Ah, there’s some shit you’ve been meaning to say. This weekend might be the time to bite the bullet and only get it off your chest. If you can’t muster the fucking mettle to tell your best friend that she’s dating human garbage, it might be season that you get the fuck over it and never bring it up. It’s like a “speak now or eternally nurse your peace” various kinds of thing.


It’s time to turn up the enjoy in your life. The Sun opening Aquarius has you feeling a little more romantic, but that doesn’t mean you need to fall in love with some buster. It’s time you descend more in love with yourself. That resounds cliche and fucking stupid, but you’ll thank you for asking afterwards after you’ve are used in yourself.


It’s time to address some problems with a relationship you have. It’s good you just tell your roommate that you’re fucking tired of bathing her bowls on Friday, so you don’t time fester in your hatred all weekend long. The Moon-Saturn aspect could form a potentially hard dialogue into a real heart-to-heart.


The Sun in Aquarius intends it has moved into a obscured part of your graph, so don’t be surprised if you’re not your usual soul. Acts in your life might seem a little confounding. Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you return to your general badassery. This is the weekend to precisely chill. Aren’t there like, a shitton of movies you been meaning to see? Do that this weekend, k?


Your money cycle is just ramping up as the Sun enrolls Aquarius. That can be great word if you’ve been working on a objective that’s going to help you rake in the currency. This weekend, don’t spend what the hell are you don’t have. It experiences nice to celebrate, but make sure you celebrate within your restrictions so you’re not a total povo until next Friday’s paycheck.


A long-standing publish with your cash flow is soon to be over. Whether you’ve been looking for a new job or you’ve really had to slowly hack away at some invoices, things are really ogling up for you during the next four weeks. Keep up the schmooze sport up this weekend. An influential person you run into while out and about could have a real impact on your future.


Leave the past in the fucking past this weekend. The Sun transitioning through Aquarius over the next four weeks has you doing a lot of manifesting. Just don’t told that reminiscing turn into a late-night response to the “U Up” text from your ex. The concept about hindsight is that it can oblige situations look more plea than they actually are. Remember that your ex has a insignificant dick and met you are interested in shit. Identify, desire to text back: gone.

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