For a long time occasion now, Google Photos has worked its machine learning trickery to automatically create movies for you based on your recent journeys or around special motives. What you couldn’t do, though, was tell Google Photos to procreate these movies on expect. That’s changing today, as Google has now launched the ability to create themed movies via the app or entanglement on demand.

Google says it went this launch around Valentine’s Day, but that’s just one of the options. The others include movies around your the bag of cats and bird-dogs( but not both at the same hour ), your minors( or those of your friends and family members ), a selfie movie, “Smiles of 2017, ” Mother’s and Father’s Day movies and, on a sadder memo, “In Loving Memory.”

For these movies, you simply select the people or animals who should star in them and Google will automatically try to find the best personas and videos, mounted them to the relevant music and give you the full video another minute or two after you started the process.

Because Google neither knows who is a papa, mother or dead, you can undoubtedly cause these movies for everyone. I’m sure your friends would love to be featured in your “In Loving Memory” movies.

Indeed, don’t expect too many smart-aleckies now, as Google Photos also gaily organized a “Meow Movie” for beings. The only real discrepancies between movies, it seems, is the song that plays in the background. For the “Meow Movie, ” for example, that song exerted the word “meow” way too many times. I’m not sure what I expected when I first tried this, but it was more.

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