It’s been a while since we had something certainly juicy to talk about, but indebted Taylor Swift’s brand-new music video dropped today, and now “weve been”. The second we listened to Taylor Swift’s bookback in November, we knew that the line “End Game” would end up being a big hit. It features Ed Sheeran, who mostly churns out number one ballads faster than his scraggly facial hair originates, and Future, who returns in a whole new gathering that are typically wouldn’t touch Taylor with a 10 -foot pole. Now the ballad has a shiny video to pair, so let’s dive title in.

From the move, the video is very dark and sulk, with everything being like, pitch-black or dark red. The video helpfully tells us they’re in Miami, and Taylor is hanging out on a big-ass craft wearing certain kinds of zip-up cultivate crest and black mallet heaves. It’s…a look. Taylor does some rudimentary dance moves that she just learned( and that she should stop trying to learn ), and she also sips a concoction while smirking, as if it’s some large-scale mystery that she’s savoured alcohol.

Taylor and Future seem to get along with great, and during the course of its ballad they’re driving around in a Lamborghini or something like that. We’re pretty sure they don’t actually have anything in common, but Future knows he came here to get a check and we respect that.

After appreciating Taylor walk on the sea barefoot a little bit, we pilot across the world to Tokyo. Apparently they couldn’t get Ed and Future on the same continent, so here we are. Ed and Taylor are hanging out at some table, where she’s wearing a gingham dress that is also a option. Or is it an oversize cloth? We adore that Taylor is maintaining us on our toes. This is followed by a deleted place from where she travels a motorcycle.

Ooh , now we’re in London! Taylor, slow down, I’m get whiplash from all this walk! London is all about sparkly clothings, and she wears a rainbow striped one and a yellow-green one. Both are subtle examinations that could easily transition from daylight to nighttime , no problem. They indicate Taylor dancing on a public bus and gobbling a burrito, both of which seem so unnatural for her. Like, Taylor Swift is not a burrito girl, we just know it.

The video ends with her alone on that bridge in London that goes fucked up in one of the movies, and that seems fitting. Taylor adores living in a fantasy world, so she’s basically the Harry Potter of pop music.

This video is certainly not as muddling as some of her previous provides, but we definitely miss the cyborg explanation of her from the “…Ready For It? ” vid. Oh well, maybe she’ll come back next time.

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