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Jordan Peele’s reached movie Get Out was a terrifying ride with precisely the right amounts of dark humor, but what if that equation were snapped?

With the MTV Movie& Tv Awardsjust one day away, we get to find out in this alternate universe trailer from Mashable ‘s Cinefix team that frames Get Out , a Movie of the Year nominee at the awardings establish, as a rom-com and, wait a minute, that is something that, certainly works.

All the clumsy moments are now charisma. All those ominous reminders of danger? Now nonchalantly touched off with a chuckle or a befuddled expression.

All it took to draw off the amazingly seamless modulation is that quaint hitherto reassuring voice-over from thousands and thousands of rom-coms and a suggestion of capital background music.

The horror-meets-dark comedy of Peele’s Get Out becomes one of the year’s biggest collisions, and the highest grossing debut for a scribe/ chairman of an original screenplay at nearly $200 million.

But as splendid at Peele’s film is in its original district, you’d better believe there are Hollywood producers somewhere wondering if this saccharin edition of the movie might’ve computed another $100 million to the haul.

The MTV Movie& Tv Awards airs Sunday, May 7 at 8 p. m. ET.

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